Alphind Case Study

Aphind case study

Here at DBM, we are all about delivering results. While some website development agencies just talk about all they can offer you, we actually live it, day in day out with every website we build.

We recently built a high performing website for our client - Alphind - that is already seeing incredible results within the first 30 days. This case study will detail who Alphind is, the challenges that brought them to our agency, how we solved these challenges, and the results their new website has seen.

Let’s dive in.

Who is Alphind?

Alphind is a full-cycle software development company that operates within the integrated health industry. Founded in 2011, Alphind has been a global leader in integrated healthcare technology for a decade. They build specialized software that is seamlessly adapted to solve pressing needs in both residential and managed healthcare.

Alphind offers three distinct software development products, each specifically designed for patients and healthcare providers.

Alphind’s Challenge

Alphind needed to reboot their website in anticipation of launching their three new technology products. They needed cleaner organization and content restructuring that would properly display their new products in an informative, useful, and attractive manner in order to position their company as a leader in integrative healthcare technology. They entrusted our agency to solve these challenges.

Our Solution

We started the website building process by creating new content that would more effectively speak to Alphind’s core demographic - healthcare providers and practice managers.

Once we had the new content created, the next step was to break down Alphind’s website into three distinct sections - residential healthcare, managed healthcare, and medical practice management solutions.

After the reorganizing and restructuring process was complete, we got work on the design. Alphind wanted a more modern design to showcase their modern integrated healthcare technology solutions.

Throughout our website development process, we used research gained from a comparative analysis of the integrated healthcare technology industry. We saw what was working, and what wasn’t, and applied the best practices accordingly, while avoiding the less efficient ones.

Finishing Touches

In the process of building Alphind’s new website, we updated their branding, imagery, and logo to further reflect their modern company. We also incorporated SEO elements throughout the site to boost organic search traffic.


Alphind’s newly updated website saw immediate results.

Here’s a look at some of the results achieved within the first 30 days:

  • 21% Increase in average visitor engagement time
  • 196% Increase in new visitors
  • 152% Increase in mobile visitors

The increase in visitors and their engagement is a direct result of the modernized approach and SEO work we weaved throughout the site.

Client Appreciation

Here’s what Doug Moore, Executive Vice President of Sales for Alphind, had to say about the new website:

“Thank you very much for all of your support to design, execute and help us launch a complete new rebuild of our website. Your expertise and depth of market knowledge have helped to refresh our image to the global community we serve. You are our top-notch trusted advisors in the direction and assistance you and your team provided at DBM.

Thank you very much. We look forward to teaming with you for years to come as we continue to launch new products.”


Need Better Results From Your Website?

The depth of our work and the results it brings stretches into every website we build, just like it did for Alphind. If you need better performance results from your website, it’s time to call in a professional. Contact us today and let us know how we can help improve your website.