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Is Direct Mail Worth $1.5 Million?

<img class=”vce-single-image” src=”https://dbmmail.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/miller-smith.jpg” width=”1024″ height=”780″ alt=”” title=”miller-smith” /> For our clients at Miller and Smith it sure was! Together we worked on a direct mail piece advertising Belmont Bay, a 55+ new construction townhome community in Woodbridge, VA. The main message was about their grand opening and decorated model unveiling. Erica Bell, Marketing Manager for […]

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QR Codes Take Direct Mail & Print to Another Level

A QR code is an immensely powerful marketing tool that instantly directs consumers to your digital content via their smartphones. A well-placed QR code turns your physical print ad into a digital access point with limitless potential.QR stands for “quick-response” codes. They are not a new technology. The first QR codes were released in 1994 […]

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Building a Targeted Direct Mail Campaign Strategy

Marketing is the intersection of education and persuasive allure. However, some businesses view advertising as shouting into a New York City intersection. To those that do, they will not see results. They will grow tired and frustrated. Marketing expert, Elizabeth Gardner, captured this tension very well in her talk. She said, “It’s hard to target […]

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