QR Codes Take Direct Mail & Print to Another Level

DBM Inc. QR code

A QR code is an immensely powerful marketing tool that instantly directs consumers to your digital content via their smartphones. A well-placed QR code turns your physical print ad into a digital access point with limitless potential.

QR stands for “quick-response” codes. They are not a new technology. The first QR codes were released in 1994 but they only became widely used within the past couple years. The biggest jump came during the pandemic, anywhere from reading menus to connecting you to home buying.  They do a ton of heavy lifting for their humble size.

Let’s take a closer look at QR codes and how they can take your print ads to another level.

Fast, Convenient, Error Free

They don’t call them “quick-response” codes for nothing. Scanning a QR barcode is effortless, and it takes only 2-3 seconds to load the corresponding page. Eliminating the need to type in a website link directly on a smartphone also eliminates your customer’s frustration which could lead to disinterest. Not to mention an additional metric to your analytics.

Drive Customers Toward Engagement With Richer Content

QR codes allow an opportunity to both direct customers toward richer multimedia content outside the constraints of a print ad, and to build a relationship with them via social media engagement.

For example, you can direct potential clients to your updated resume or LinkedIn profile with a QR code printed on your business card. This makes them perfect for networking in person while being able to efficiently track how many inbound leads you’re getting.

Landing pages with audio, creative videos, geolocation, email send boxes, registration forms, contests, and direct links to your social media pages are a few of the other nearly endless possibilities.

You can direct customers to the Facebook “like” button for your business or invite them to follow you on Twitter. Once they’ve linked up with you on social media, they’re more likely to shout you out if they have a positive experience, spreading the good word about your services. 

Link Your Call to Action

A QR code is a built-in call to action on your print ad. It compels customers to take a purposeful step toward engaging with your business on a deeper level rather than balling up your ad and trying to make it into the trash in one throw.

You can do this by incorporating a QR Code on your print ad that directs users to your website’s Contact Us page, or auto-populate your phone number into the customer’s phone for easy calling.

Some websites can turn a QR code into different colors and interesting shapes, setting you apart while grabbing people’s attention. A customer’s curiosity at the strange QR code on a print ad can translate into a sale in moments.

Integrate an Effective QR Code Into Your Print Ads

While the final product of an effective QR code is simplistic harmony between the digital and print worlds, integrating one into your existing ad campaign can be a complex task. It also provides an additional metric for measurement.

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