Power of Mail During the Pandemic

DBM Direct Mail

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes for individuals and businesses around the world. In addition to the way people communicate with each other, the pandemic has changed the way businesses communicate with both existing and potential customers.

With an increasing number of people working and completing their education virtually, consumers are spending more time at home. While working remotely provides many benefits, daily life becomes monotonous and simple pleasures become a welcome escape. Leaving the house, even for a minute to check the mail provides a mental break. Sorting through the mail stimulates the mind and allows consumers to learn about new products and offerings without putting themselves or others at risk.

Deemed an essential service by the U.S. government, mail delivery has continued throughout the pandemic. Checking the mail is something everyone does. Following mail delivery, many of us travel outside to get some fresh air and greet neighbors at a distance.

For businesses, direct mail creates an opportunity to reach consumers in personal and meaningful ways. Although not a new concept, direct mail has made a comeback in recent months. Many businesses have started taking advantage of direct mail campaigns during the pandemic. Those that don’t implement direct mail into their marketing strategy may find it difficult to keep up with the competition. Consumers are more likely to understand and remember what they read on paper as opposed to what they read on a screen.

Communicate Your Message Clearly

When creating direct mail marketing, it’s important that mail pieces display your message in a clear and easy to understand format. In addition to thoughtful text, the images and graphics used should communicate your message as well. Using images of people smiling and looking directly at the reader creates a personal connection. This could be especially beneficial during the pandemic, as many people crave close contact and communication with others.

Include Extra Features

Include extra features like folds or textures whenever possible. You want your intended audience to interact with your mailer as much as possible. The longer the consumer spends with it, the greater the chance they’ll remember it later. In addition to physical features, make sure to include a URL or QR code as well. According to the 2017 DMA Response Rate Report, 44% of people will visit a brand’s website after receiving a piece of direct mail.

Utilize Direct Mail Regularly

Just like any other form of marketing, it’s important to stay fresh in the mind of consumers. Send direct mail on a regular schedule. Businesses that send direct mail regularly tend to achieve better response rates.

While it’s important to send mail pieces regularly, don’t send the same thing every time. For the best results, mix up the offers and the types of mailers you send.

Targeted Direct Mail

There’s never been a better time to utilize the power of direct mail. Over two-thirds of Americans believe mail is essential and feel safe sorting and opening it. Half of all consumers rely on mail during the pandemic.

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