Direct Mail – Still Relevant in 2022

“Digital is king!” 
“Print is dead!”
“No one reads the mail anymore.” 

These are all statements you have no doubt heard and probably agree with to an extent. But if a direct mailer gave you $1.5 million in business  do you think you’d consider incorporating it into your marketing? 

Is Digital Marketing the End-All Be-All?

It may come as a surprise, but the answer is no. Digital marketing is a highly effective way to reach people in today’s technologically savvy world. However, the benefits to having a comprehensive marketing strategy are unparalleled. Afterall, we know not to put all our eggs in one basket. 

Direct mail is an excellent way to supplement and compliment your digital efforts. This is not a business of secrets. To succeed, your new development or community needs to be seen and recognized by as many people as possible and direct mail is the perfect way to enhance your digital efforts. For example, say you posted a new YouTube video. Send out a postcard with a QR code that takes people to it. Or a digital ad campaign can be followed up with direct mail to enhance brand recognition and increase engagement. 

With a direct mail campaign there is a predictable timeline for delivery and that ultimately allows you to control when consumers are interacting with your marketing. This is especially helpful when it comes to events and other time-sensitive messaging. Digital marketing does offer a similar amount of control, but at considerable time and cost. 

So, Is Mail Dead? 

Short answer, no. We are spending more and more time online each day, especially in our email inboxes. Mail offers something that a screen can’t - a tangible, tactile experience. Also, with the amount of mail being seen in boxes at its lowest in history, your direct mail piece is sure to stand out. The USPS recently did a study that showed 53% of people still read their mail. Where digital marketers champion 5% view rates, the numbers don’t even compare.

Learn more about the power of mail here.

The USPS has also announced a new feature that allows people to get a copy of the direct mail postcard they will be receiving in their inbox to their email a day early. That’s double the exposure! Plus, consumers are more likely to remember something that they have physically held.

Digital marketing remains ever important in today’s world. The ability to change quickly and reach people where they spend the most time, the internet, is immensely important. However, as society continues to shift and change in their preferences it is paramount to diversify your marketing strategy. A multi-channel approach is always the best one. See what direct mail can do for you. Get in touch below.