Problem, or Possibility?

The current shutdown might be the best chance yet to capture your buyers’ attention

We’re all in this together, forced to stay at home and pondering ways to structure the time. Even the smallest routines can give meaning and purpose to our days right now—like walking to the mailbox to see what’s inside.

Without the busy rhythms of work, school and family, things that might normally be overlooked are getting more attention. That’s why this is the best opportunity to catch your audience’s eye through direct mail. Just as those of us with printed newspaper subscriptions might be lingering a little longer on those pages each day, a well-designed mailer that’s beautiful and easy to read offers an inviting respite from the constant noise and glare of TV and computer screens.

Young families searching for their first home can’t go house-hunting, so you can bring appealing options to their mailbox. Existing homeowners might finally be scrutinizing all the things that need improvement—you can tout the modern layouts and new design elements that make your homes move-in ready. Mature homeowners growing tired of lawn care and steps would surely love to know about your age-specific community that includes lawn maintenance and main-floor master suites. All of these potential buyers are all at home, all at once, waiting to hear from you.

Through direct mail, we can help craft the right message for the right audience, whether it sends them to a virtual tour on your website or thanks them for a previous visit or phone call. Even if we can’t leave the house, DBM will enable you to entice your audience into action—a big deal in a day that otherwise resembles every other.

It’s a struggle for all of us to get through each day under this unprecedented quarantine, but there are ways you can turn this into an unprecedented opportunity. We’re here to help you get your marketing materials into the hands of your captive audience!

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