Not Another Piece of Junk Mail: High Quality Direct Mail for High Quality Leads

In today’s digital age, the term “direct mail” tends to bring about negative connotations. It often evokes images of stacks of junky brochures, outdated catalogues you cannot remember subscribing to, and promotional materials on poorly-printed cardstock. Unfortunately these items do dominate mailboxes, so it’s no wonder they sometimes get confused with direct mail - a legitimate and highly effective, tried-and-true form of marketing.

While some pieces of direct mail can be “junk,” when it comes to DBM’s direct mail this couldn’t be further from reality. Below we explore the key differences between the junk masquerading as direct mail, and DBM’s proven and effective targeted direct mail solutions.

3 Differences Between Direct Mail and Junk Mail

  • Direct Mail is Targeted, Junk Mail Is Not
    As we explored in a previous post, direct mail is targeted directly to your specific audience. The pieces aren't just sent at random, or in a blanket mailing to hundreds or even thousands of people. Instead, direct mail campaigns are sent to very specific audiences, selected on unique criteria from gender, to household details, to number of children, to income, etc. This extreme targetability is not even available for online and social media platforms any longer. Direct mail is the only way you can truly target such a specific audience, identified based upon your business goals and prospective customers. With targeting this optimized and granular, your message will reach those who have the potential to benefit most - those who are likely to become customers.Junk Mail, on the other hand, is not targeted at all. It’s sent out to huge groups indiscriminately, blanketing areas based on nothing more than geography. Junk mail doesn't care who is receiving it’s message, instead it just bombards mailboxes with no customization or thought to the audience, making it highly ineffective. For example, if you don’t have a child you wouldn’t be interested in an advert for a preschool, yet junk mail fails to take this type of detail into account.
  • Direct Mail Is High Quality, Junk Mail Is...Junky
    Direct mail is of a different quality than junk mail. Direct mail pieces are akin to marketing materials; from the content side they include graphic design, branding, strategy, and content tailored to an audience. From the production side, they are printed on high-quality cardstock, at high resolution, making them both durable and impressive. Direct mail pieces evoke trust in the same way quality product packaging would. And, of course, they are relevant and designed strategically to resonate with their specific audience.Junk mail, on the other hand, is more often than not of poor quality. Generic, stock imagery is used, printed cheaply and at a low resolution. Flimsy, shiny papers are often used, which frequently rip in transit and feel low-quality to the touch. These junk pieces do not feel customized or quality because they are not.
  • Direct Mail Is Lasting, Junk Mail Is Not
    While junk mail winds up, as the name implies, in the trash, direct mail is appealing and recipients tend to hang on to it. As a unique form of marketing, quality direct mail is engaging which works well as a tangible extension of your online efforts. 44% of people will visit a brand’s site after receiving direct mail and its longevity encourages recipients to revisit the message. Additionally, the fact that direct mail is tactile makes it appealing; people can interact with it.Junk mail, in contrast, is often tossed straight away, due to its impersonality and inferior quality. Your message can’t reach anyone from the bottom of a trash can (or recycling bin).

The DBM Difference

DBM is a leader in direct mail solutions. Our mailers are targeted and highly effective, and all content and design is created with conversion in mind. From getting your content in front of the right person to producing something of such quality your recipient will want to hang on to it, our professionalism, care and quality standards make us a direct mail provider you can trust. Our direct mailers couldn't be further from junk if we tried!
As Much Help As You Want

DBM can offers a wide range of services, from encompassing campaigns inclusive of everything from branding to delivery, to campaigns as minimal as distribution. With this level of customization and expertise, we’ll ensure your direct mail pieces will never wind up in the “junk” pile, but instead exceed your expectations for ROI.

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